What IT interface do you use?

We can use your IT department to build the interface, or you can use our IT department to build the interface. The key is to keep everything HIPAA compliant. We can connect to your system through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) if required by your system/IT Team.  Your IT team can provide system-locked laptop computers to our telepsychiatry providers if that is required by your security team (though we have found that to be cumbersome when the agency owned laptop malfunctions).  The point is:  Whatever is needed, we can accommodate it.

Talk to me about HIPAA.

We take HIPAA regulations very seriously, and we make certain that any system we develop for any agency is completely HIPAA compliant.

How do you handle a crisis or emergency patient?

We handle a crisis patient the same way a doctor in your building would handle an crisis patient. We would call security in your building if needed. If the patient needs to be put on a 72 hour hold, we can arrange for our doctors to be certified to write holds at your facility, and between our IT departments we can arrange for an on-line electronic signature system to sign the hold paperwork. For agencies or entities that require a "wet" signature on the hold paperwork, our prescriber would make the decision to initiate the hold, and a local staff member at the facility (who is certified to write holds) would write the actual hold while our provider completes his/her note to accompany the hold paperwork. Your staff would arrange for transport to the appropriate emergency department or critical care unit for further evaluation.

How do you do Emergency Department and Inpatient Psychiatry?

We can design a system specific to your needs. We can have a station set up in your Emergency Department where your staff can bring patients to the station for evaluation, or we can provide a cart-system with remote telepresence, and you can take us to the patients. In some cases, we can use a laptop computer with a webcam that can be carried around by your social worker team so that the psychiatrist can be brought into the room when needed. 

What happens if one of your doctors is sick or out or quits?

We make every effort to cover all of our doctors so that there is no need to reschedule patients.  The larger the company/contract, the easier it is do to this because we will have multiple providers credentialed with the agency.  For smaller agencies, it is sometimes difficult to provide sick-call coverage as we would have only one provider credentialed/trained for your facility.  It's possible for smaller entities to work with us to come up with a single, multi-agency contract that would allow cross-coverage.

What is your malpractice insurance like?

We have excellent professional liability insurance that covers all of our doctors with $1,000,000 per incident and $4,000,000 aggregate per year, and we list your entity and its board members and administrators as co-insured.

How do patients contact your doctors if there is a problem?

All of our doctors have toll-free phone numbers with 24/7 messaging service that automatically translates the verbal message into text and emails (via secure, encrypted email) it to the doctor with the original tape of the verbal message.

How do we get records to you?

You can grant us access to your electronic medical record, or you can fax us the necessary documents. If you don't have an EMR, we can arrange for one to be set up for you free of charge.