You need a computer (the newer the better, at the very least a core-2 duo), a high-speed (not satellite, not G3) (though 4G is okay) internet connection (minimum 5 Mbps upload & 10 Mbps download speed--though the faster the better), the costs associated with licensing your business locally, and the following recommended equipment:

1. A good quality Web camera (approximately $60-$100 for a USB connected camera--though most laptop computers have built in cameras that are sufficient).

2. A USB powered speaker/microphone (approximately $120--laptop microphones are often not of sufficient quality to provide consistently clear speech).

3. A good quality scanner/software combo is not essential, but it certainly comes in handy.

4.  It's a good idea to have a "backup system" that you can use if your primary system fails (a good business decision since you only get paid if you are able to see patients--if you can't see patients because of system failures on your end, then you don't get paid, just like you would not pay an electrician who didn't show up to do the work you requested and agreed upon).